Pointe 2: More About Pointe

Pointe 2: More About Pointe

Pointe 2: More About Pointe


Already started your students on pointe and looking for more? New from The Ballet Source, “Pointe 2” is a great teacher companion for the teacher of intermediate pointe students. Expand their repertoire of pointe steps, combinations and variations this year!


Upon completion of the Pointe 1 curriculum, your students are ready to dive into their second, or in some cases, third, year of pointe training. Your students have now developed a strong foundation from the conditioning principles learned last year, and they can begin to explore the new exercises, steps and enchainements in Pointe 2: More About Pointe. The book begins with a thorough look into your students’ intermediate pointe readiness. What things should you be looking for in your students to decide whether this level of training is appropriate for them? Then, enjoy some great class work suggestions for intermediate pointe students as well as some barre and center enchainements you can use in class. Also included is a sample lesson plan, 3 sample classes, 11 center pointe combinations and choreography for 5 pointe variations to be used in class or for performance. With more than enough material for one year of intermediate pointe, you will find that this curriculum can assist your teaching for years to come!


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