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Our Curriculum

The curriculum has its roots in the Royal Academy of Dance teaching method and is divided based on age groups. The Ballet Arts for Young Children series covers the first four levels, and then we move into the Classical Ballet program for the older students with the Ballet Arts series. Each level builds upon itself in an age-appropriate logical progression.

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By Teachers, For Teachers

Why We Did It Ourselves

In 2014 we were searching online for a comprehensive ballet curriculum. Because we were unable to find anything, we decided it was time to make it ourselves. We obtained the rights to Ruth Brinkerhoff’s timeless curriculum, and had a box of all of her spiral-bound books shipped to us. We dusted them off, digitized them, upgraded them, and prepared them for you, the ballet teacher in the digital age.

Meet Our Team

Our Philosophy

Our curriculum aligns with certain principles which will always remain important to us.

  1. Safety— Despite the pressure for tricks and dazzle, we refuse to put dancers’ bodies at risk for injury.
  2. Developmental Stages— Our curriculum factors in the mental and physical stages of development for all age groups.
  3. Progression— Our curriculum builds on itself, making it easy to understand the prerequisite requirements for all stages of progression.
  4. Quality— The quality in our curriculum supports our aim to help you build dancers who grow in artistry, skill, poise, and mastery.
  5. Holistic Education— We believe that teachers play an important and lasting role in the development of their students. This role extends beyond the realm of ballet. Our curriculum works best for those who teach the whole person, not just the ballet dancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What curriculum book best suits my age group?

    Each teacher should determine the skill level based on more than just the ages of the students. Though these levels will not always suit the way your ballet school divides the groups, here is how curriculum from The Ballet Source is divided:

    • Ages 3 to 4 – Level 1 Curriculum
    • Ages 4 to 5 – Level 2 Curriculum
    • Ages 5 to 7 – Level 3 Curriculum
    • Ages 7 to 10 – Level 4 Curriculum
    • Ages 8 to 12 – Classical Ballet 1 Curriculum
    • Ages 9 to 13 – Classical Ballet 2 Curriculum
    • Ages 13 to 15 – Classical Ballet 3 Curriculum
    • Ages 15 and up – Classical Ballet 4 Curriculum
  • How exactly do I access the items I ordered?

    Once you place an order, you will receive an invoice in your email inbox within just a few minutes. That invoice will contain a download link to your purchases.


    1. Click the link to start the download. (We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as a browser when downloading. Please use either Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.)
    2. Your items will download into your browser’s Downloads folder. To access them, once the download is complete, navigate to that folder and then move the items to desired storage destination (I prefer to use Dropbox, or you can save them to your local computer’s drive.)
    3. If you’ve purchased music, the tracks will be in mp3 format, so be sure to add those files to your music application or upload them directly to your mobile device for use in the classroom.
    4. You’re ready to use the teaching materials to Teach Ballet Well!
  • What exactly do I get in a Suite?

    Some teachers prefer the freedom to choose their own music and create their own lesson plans from the material in the Curriculum Book. For others, it is such a helpful bonus to have the Curriculum Book, Lesson Plans and Music all in one easy download. The three items are zipped together into one folder when you purchase a Suite. Simply download, unzip the folder and save to your device.

  • Why is there no shipping cost?

    All products currently available from The Ballet Source are digital downloads, so there is no wait for the items to arrive in your email inbox. No shipping or waiting required.

  • What’s the difference between the Curriculum Book and the Lesson Plans?

    The fullest and richest source of content for the ballet teacher is found in the Curriculum Books for each level. You will find developmental information about the age level, teaching tips for the provided choreography, dances, and supplemental classroom manipulatives.


    The Lesson Plans are a very basic outline of material taught in any given time period. They contain the names of the exercises to be taught, the track number for the music and the exercise number for the teacher to reference in the Curriculum Book. Each quarter is one page that the teacher will use several times, choosing exercises each week based on the time allotment for their specific class.

  • Why can’t I order the Lesson Plans by themselves?

    On their own, the Lesson Plans will provide little more than a list of exercises. The counts, movements and teaching tips are all in the Curriculum Book. We have discontinued the sale of Lesson Plans on their own to avoid confusion and to allow teachers to get the most out of the materials they purchase.

  • What is the music like?

    Our teachers have seen, firsthand, the benefits of simplifying music for young ballet students. On any given ballet music album from The Ballet Source, there will be around 95% simple piano music and 5% of music with the use of synthesizers and other music effects. This allows the students to grow in musicality, learn to count music for themselves, and focus on the movement itself without distraction.

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