Classical Ballet 1 (Ages 8 to 12)

Classical Ballet 1 (Ages 8 to 12)

Classical Ballet 1 (Ages 8 to 12)


Introducing, the first of the Ballet Arts curriculum books specifically designed for students ages 8 to 12. Explore ballet with your students who have graduated from the Pre-Ballet program and are ready to begin a more rigorous classical regimen with Ballet 1!

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The upper levels of classical ballet training begin with the Ballet Arts: Classical Ballet 1 Book. Within this curriculum, the student will begin to learn to function in a traditional ballet classroom setting, perfect classwork at the barre, learn proper preparations and finishes for exercises, as well as be introduced to a class format that they will use for the remainder of their training. Ballet 1 provides the teacher with teaching suggestions, step-by-step classroom choreography, several enchainements and short dances for class use, as well as a thorough look into the growth patterns of children between the ages of 8 and 12. Enjoy the classroom posters, detailed full-color illustrations of the arm and feet positions, as well as illustrated depictions of new positions and movements unique to the Ballet 1 level of technique. Download yours today along with a year of Lesson Plans and accompanying Music Album!


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