Music for Pointe 1

Music for Pointe 1

Music for Pointe 1


Music to accompany the exercises, enchainements, and choreography in the “Pointe 1” Curriculum Book. Loaded with 70 tracks of custom tracks specifically arranged for beginning Pointe class.


The “Music for Pointe 1” album is the perfect companion to the “Pointe 1: Introduction to Pointe Work” Curriculum Book! This album was arranged and composed specifically for exercises outlined in the Pointe 1 book. With 70 music tracks, this unique arrangement includes music for classroom choreography, 5 enchainements, 3 choreographed dances, 5 longer tracks for continuous center work or choreography, as well as the music to accompany the Sample Class outlined in the Pointe 1 Curriculum Book. Don’t be without this great tool to assist the teacher of beginning Pointe students! Pointe 1 Curriculum


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