Classical Ballet 2 (Ages 9-13)

Classical Ballet 2 (Ages 9-13)

Classical Ballet 2 (Ages 9-13)


For the first time ever, the second of the Ballet Arts series curriculum books in digital format, Classical Ballet 2! This curriculum book is designed specifically for students going through middle childhood and exploring more and more classical ballet technique following their graduation from Classical Ballet 1.


A student’s second year of training in the Ballet Arts classical program is grounded in the Classical Ballet 2 curriculum book. Middle childhood means a lot of physical changes in these students’ bodies. As they grow and mature, they are able to explore many new steps and classical concepts. Ballet 2 provides the teacher with teaching suggestions, step-by-step classroom choreography, several enchainements and short dances for class use, as well as a thorough look into the growth patterns of children between the ages of 9 and 13. Enjoy the classroom posters, detailed full-color illustrations of the arm and feet positions, as well as illustrated depictions of new positions and movements unique to the Ballet 2 level of technique. Download yours today!


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