Coordination For Ballet

Coordination For Ballet

Coordination For Ballet


For the first time ever, released in digital copy, Ruth Brinkerhoff‘s “Coordination for Ballet” with accompanying music album is now available from The Ballet Source! Help your students progress through the natural stages of coordination, know how to help those who are struggling, and enjoy a wealth of ideas and classroom tools specific to coordination development.


Coordination is programmed by nature to be a natural part of every person’s physical development. It will nearly always develop on its own when given sufficient unpressured opportunity to move through the natural movement patterns intended by nature. “Coordination for Ballet” provides the dance teacher with suggestions for natural and purposeful movement activities that can be included in a ballet class. These activities help students improve their coordination, and are a fun break from the technique of ballet.  All students need to strengthen and improve their physical coordination to some degree and must practice the basic natural movement experiences that form the base for ballet technique. Not sure where to start? This book will guide the teacher through the coordination stages the child progresses through as they grow. It provides an overall understanding of how coordination develops in children, and what can be done at each stage to be sure they have enough natural movement experiences. “Coordination for Ballet” includes over a dozen ideas for classroom activities, 10 short story dances for class, and 8 folk dances from places such as Sweden, Norway, Bavaria and the Netherlands, all embellished with detailed colorful illustrations. Included in this download is the accompanying Music Album with 35 music tracks to use with the in-class exercises.


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