Classical Ballet 3 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Classical Ballet 3 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Classical Ballet 3 (Intermediate to Advanced)


For the first time ever in digital format, the third level of the Ballet Arts program, Classical Ballet 3 is now available for download! Enjoy the teaching tips, classroom choreography, enchainements, pointe work, exercises for boys and men as well as material for 16 full Ballet 3 classes!


Upon graduation from the Classical Ballet 2 program, the Intermediate to Advanced student over the age of 13 moves into Classical Ballet 3. This unique curriculum book is the first of the Ballet Arts curriculum series that offers 16 full sample classes! Each of these classes contains exercises for warmup, a traditional ballet barre, and center work. Each class increases in difficulty, with the more advanced classes toward the end of the year and the last four classes contain pointe work and special exercises for boys and men. Also, to the teacher’s advantage, the Classical Ballet 3 book contains over 22 pages of barre, adage, center, allegro and pointe enchainements! No teacher should be without this curriculum book with enough material for a full year of teaching!


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