Level 3 (Ages 5 to 7) Curriculum Book

Level 3 (Ages 5 to 7) Curriculum Book

Level 3 (Ages 5 to 7) Curriculum Book

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In digital downloadable format, Level 3 offers the unique feature of two levels in one! Targeted toward the complex age range of age 5 to 7, this curriculum book has over 110 pages of teaching helps and choreography for class. Enjoy the benefits of having your ballet curriculum at your fingertips.


Level 3 is a unique product in that it offers a special feature of containing TWO levels in one! The Starter Class is uniquely directed towards the student in the 5 and 6 year age category. The skills are simpler and will be built upon the Classical Basics class (ages 6 and 7). This curriculum book contains choreography and class lists for both classes, so it is quite a value! The teacher must decide what is best for his or her class, and the Level 3 book provides for a broad range of skill and physical ability. This downloadable curriculum book includes over 110 pages of teaching helps, choreography for class, activity and music lists as well as information on how to teach this level. It walks you through the stages of development they are experiencing, their growth processes as well as the ballet technique they are able to master at this age. No ballet teacher should be without this curriculum book available, for the first time ever, in digital downloadable format! Don’t forget to download the Lesson Plans and Music for Level 3 to complete your toolkit. Read Teacher Testimonials

1 review for Level 3 (Ages 5 to 7) Curriculum Book

  1. Chloe (verified owner)

    Thank you for sharing this curriculum! I normally teach the RAD method but have incorporated some of the exercises now that exams are over, I find that the students respond well and the exercises are age appropriate.

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