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“My dancers are improving! I can see them working harder and concentrating more on what they are learning. It’s so encouraging to me as a teacher! Thank you for providing these resources for us!”

Jill B. from Upper Sandusky, OH

“I find the content fantastic—really helpful and relevant information about teaching ballet to these age groups.”

Leah N. from New Zealand

“I love the Suites. I have them all!”

Amy M. from Den Haag, Netherlands

“I have been using Ruth Brinkerhoff’s Ballet Arts books for years now. I bought all the books . . . and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made! Really invaluable!”


“This curriculum has been a great find! I have been looking for a solid way of teaching the preschool to 7 year old range for a number of years that is compatible with the Cecchetti Exam syllabus I follow. This is it!”

Shannon from Vancouver, Canada

“I will definitely use this for all of my future teaching and [will] recommend this to all of my friends.”

Lika M. from Malaysia

“It’s a great resource and my teaching feels different already.”

Laraine from Ontario, Canada

Teaching well starts with clarity.

Use the Lesson Plan Template planning guide to ensure consistency across all of your lesson plans.

  • Know why you’re teaching what you’re teaching in each and every class.
  • Track any necessary adjustments that need to be made.
  • Stay on top of your students’ progress.
  • Prioritize your objectives to make planning easy.

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