Why We Are Discontinuing Coupons

Why We Are Discontinuing Coupons



We’re sorry.

We came across a flaw in our methods, and we realized it wasn’t benefiting you as our loyal customer. While we are sorry about this mistake (and determined to make it up to you), we are also excited for two big reasons why this change will benefit you in the future.

Our mistake? Our use and promotion of coupons. Starting in March, we are halting all coupons for good. If you have purchased a product early, and then missed out on a deal on that product, keep reading to get those savings back.

What’s wrong with using coupons? Doesn’t that help you, our customer?

Well, yes and no. Let us explain:

It’s our desire and value as a company to provide the richest service to our loyal customers. One of the ways you have expressed loyalty as a customer is by purchasing early when a product has become available. Because you have expressed trust with your purchase, we have always wanted to make the best prices available to you. This is our first big reason for our discount halt.

1) Provide the best price for early customers (for real this time)

This commitment has previously remained true for us, except for when we’ve sent out coupons. Have you had that experience? Have you purchased from us, only to learn later that there is a discount that you missed out on? If that has happened to you, please accept our apology. Simply respond to this email to tell us what you missed out on, and we will refund you what you missed.

We have one more big reason for stopping our use of coupon promotions (this one is exciting):

 2) Unlimited product upgrades at no extra charge

If you’ve purchased a product early, know that the product’s future holds improvements based on your feedback. You get the benefit of those upgrades when they come out, at no extra charge. 

Customers who come across our products later will be paying more than you have, because by that time, the value will have increased. As a way of saying “Thank you” to you for your loyalty, we will provide the same improved products for free.

Please let us know what you think by replying to this email, and as always, ask us questions. We’re here to help you inspire the future best.


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