Release Day 2015

It’s finally here! The release of the first ever digital ballet curriculum and lesson plans! Ballet Arts I am so pleased to be able to provide these incredible resources to the world today. While the conversion of the curriculum by Ruth Brinkerhoff to digital format is still a work in progress, today is the day that the first three levels go up for sale on this website. This means that ballet teachers of students between the ages of 3 and 7 will have digital ballet resources at their fingertips for use on any mobile device, including iPads, smartphones and laptop computers. This is so exciting for me! Along with the curriculum books, I have also put together a comprehensive lesson plan PDF for teachers to use as a companion to the curriculum book of each level. These lesson plans cover material that spans over an entire year of teaching, so you never have to think about planning a lesson again! Simply download your copy of the lesson plans and have them handy on your tablet for class. Also, music was composed specifically for each of the first three levels of the curriculum, and the activities in the book each have their own track on the album. Each music album has over 70 tracks of music to draw from. Many teachers have benefitted from purchasing the curriculum, lesson plans and music as one package since they all work together to prepare the ballet teacher for their classes. I sincerely hope that these curriculum books will impact your teaching as much as they’ve impacted mine. Ruth Brinkerhoff left quite a legacy and I am honored to be carrying that forward into the future on her behalf. So glad this day has arrived! Shop Ballet Curriculum Resources Here


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