Planning Your Lessons

Planning Your Lessons

Classroom Planning Teaching Tips
Planning Your Lessons Let’s face it: we don’t have time to do detailed planning for every class. Class just isn’t the same if you walk in without a lesson plan. The students don’t get as much out of the time you have with them and you aren’t as effective as a teacher. Thankfully, Ruth Brinkerhoff, the author of our curriculum, has offered some quick tips for using lesson plans in the Level 4 Curriculum Book (ages 7 to 10).

Dance teachers don’t have time to do detailed planning for all classes every time!

One way to occasionally check your teaching plans:

  • Make a list of the activities you want to use.
  • Write the purpose next to each one. This will help you to see your goals and expectations.
  • There is nothing wrong with doing something for “fun.”  A few things just for fun should be in each and every class.  Sometimes the fun can also be a learning experience.
  • If there are things you still cannot justify, then perhaps you should reconsider doing them.

Another way to check your plans:

A. What will I teach this week?

  1. What activities will I include?
  2. How will I present the new learnings? (See “Teaching the ‘New'”) Can these be related to what the students already know?
  3. How will I present improvements on things they do know?

B. What will I need during the class?

  1. How will I get their attention? (See “6 Classroom ‘Attention-Getters’ to Watch Out For“)
  2. How will I check on their learning?
  3. What equipment and teaching materials will I need?

C. Are my expectations reasonable for this class, this age, this level of advancement?

Do you want to save even more time on your lesson planning? Check out our lesson plans that provide enough class material to get you through a whole year of teaching! Happy planning, and happy time-saving!

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