For All You First Timers Out There

Welcome to Ballet Source! I am honored and privileged to be providing ballet teachers all across the continent with resources to assist them in bringing classical ballet to our young students. This site is dedicated to the education, training and nurturing of young children who want to be excellent in the art of ballet. Take a look around to visit the various features of this website. If you like what you see, contact me and I will put you on the list of readers who will be receiving my first release of free ballet curriculum material. Simply visit my Contact Page, leave me a note and you’re all set. The need for good quality ballet curriculum is vital in our ballet schools. As the times change, the need for digital resources in the ballet classroom increases as well. Hopefully this site will equip the ballet teacher for all he or she needs to teach accurately and comprehensively. Following in the footsteps of the great ballet schools of our time, let us embrace the structure, principles and advice from great teachers and move forward together.


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